Essex Girl

“Essex Girl: a young working-class woman from the Essex area, typically considered as being unintelligent, materialistic, devoid of taste and sexually promiscuous.” Collins English Dictionary

‘Essex Girl’ official trailer

My second one-woman show, ‘Essex Girl,’ was first scratched at Battersea Arts Centre in February 2018, before previewing as part of Roundhouse’s Last Word festival in June 2018. It is currently being performed around the UK.

At the start of this year, it won Show of the Week during Week 2 at VAULT Festival. I then teamed-up with Inn Crowd and have been taking the show around pubs in the East and South East, and have taken it to festivals including Brainchild and Port Eliot.

Later this year, ‘Essex Girl’ will be touring theatres around the UK. I know, babes – I’ve even got to go up north and everything. Some of them are on sale already, so check out the tour blog for links and info.

About the show

Kirsty is a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in ’00s Brentwood. She likes WKD, Elton John, Pie & Mash and Charlie Red body spray. She’s on a quest to win Sexy Ricky’s heart and pass her GCSEs. She also has a secret to tell you. One she can’t tell anyone else.

Follow Kirsty’s story through the house parties and Irish pubs of Essex. From West Ham matches to choir practice, pre-drinks to registration, she will tell you what it’s really like to be an Essex Girl.

Shortlisted for Tony Craze Award 2018

Developed with Battersea Arts Centre and Soho Young Company

Directed by Lucy Bairstow β€’ Photo by Suzi Corker

Fat Girls Don't Dance, Saboteur Award Winner: Best Spoken Word Show 2017, Oberon Books. Essex Girl, shortlisted for Tony Craze Award 2018 at Soho Theatre 🐼

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